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NovaMed Surgery Center of Cleveland


Novamed Surgery Center of Cleveland is designed, equipped, and staffed exclusively for outpatient surgery. It is a joint venture between Surgery Partners, and a number of local physicians. The Novamed Surgery Center of Cleveland meets and exceeds the highest standards required by the state of Tennessee. Your care will be provided by the same highly-skilled personnel with the same quality care and safety found at hospitals. And, because we perform only same-day surgeries, this allows us to provide services at reasonable costs and savings to you, your insurance carrier, and your employer. Surgery takes less time from your family and work schedule and, in many instances, you may resume your routine schedule the next day. With our quality facility and staff, dedicated to treating you with warm compassion in a personalized environment for you and your family, the Center staff will make every effort to assure that your surgical visit with us is as pleasant and convenient as possible

As compared to a hospital, The Novamed Surgery Center of Cleveland provides greater conveniences in a more relaxed atmosphere. Outpatient surgery is available to patients of all ages and allows them to be discharged within a few hours after surgery, to recuperate in the comfort of their own home. The Novamed Surgery Center of Cleveland is a multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) that has been in operation since May 2000 and is state licensed, Medicare Certified, and AAAHC accredited.

Assuring Your Privacy, Safety, and Comfort, The Novamed Surgery Center of Cleveland has been designed with your privacy, safety, and comfort in mind. We recognize that time away from your family and job is an inconvenience. Our waiting room is a comfortable room for your family and friends. Our two fully-equipped operating rooms allow us to minimize your time at our facility, while providing the latest surgical technology to your surgeon.